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At CHAT (Couples Hearing About the Truth), we want to see you have the marriage that you desire. We understand that every couple is unique and requires a unique game plan for a winning marriage.  Please contact us to schedule a time to CHAT with you.

We are available Monday-Friday 9-5pm and Weekends by appointment only. 


Coaching sessions are available for both couples and individuals that are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Each session builds upon what you want in your relationship, why you want it, and the actions you will take to get there. We use Biblical resources and instruction to ensure the right direction and guidance in building long lasting marriages.


Communication 4 Couples are interactive sessions designed to display and understand the roles that we play in our relationships coupled with the importance of understanding your mates expectations of you within these roles. We use Biblical resources and instruction to ensure understanding God's expectations within these roles while providing foundational tools and tactics that will reveal that the success of your marriage Is All About What you Make It!


Workshops for women are interactive sessions designed to encourage, inspire, and empower women.  It builds confidence required to embrace their roles as women of God, wives, and mothers while understanding their individual needs of importance within their family and in the community.

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