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It’s All About What You Make It introduces a perspective to married couples that hold them accountable to making their marriage the best that it can be for them.  It begins by challenging couples to take a closer look at how they respond during intense discussions or during matters that require giving and/or receiving information that they don’t really want to hear.  It simply reveals the fact that it takes two people to be married and in order for the marriage to work, both people have to want it to work.  And marriage is much better when both people are putting forth the effort to ensure they are on one accord and doing everything they can to have a winning marriage.  This book emphasizes that it takes the right words, work, and willingness to come together, share responsibilities, and switch roles whenever needed to eliminate either spouse from becoming overwhelmed, frustrated, and fatigued.  It talks about the importance of couples taking time to make time to talk, spend quality time together, and simply make every moment count so that regardless of the amount of time they have with each other, they should strive to make it the absolute best.  Marriage is all about what you make it and in marriages, it’s time for couples to be open and honest with each other and be willing to take and tell the truth about their feelings.  This reiterates the fact that so often in relationships, mates ask for the truth, but ultimately when the truth is given, they don’t know how to take it. So it’s time for couples to hear about the truth. Couples have to be committed to the vows they said on their wedding day.  Commitment requires taking action, being responsible, and putting time into the relationship to create a marriage that will win and a love that will never end.  This book concludes with testimonies from married couples in different walks of life that have found ways to make it work and truly know that it’s all about what you make it and also consists of ten questions to challenge couples to create their own activities to reconstruct the foundation of their relationship.



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